Needle Descriptions: 36T=36 triangle. An old standby, which is courser (the lower the number the thicker the wire) and used mostly for underlying, core felting. 38S= 38 spiral (sometimes called "twisted"). Many needle artists claim that spiral needles felt faster and leave less prominent holes (we agree). 38's are good for most projects. 40R=40 reverse, which are particularly good for felting fur and blending colors. Instead of pushing in and twisting the wool, these needles pull out the wool from the underlying layers. 40S=40 spiral (sometimes called "twisted"). Size 40 is a thinner needle (the higher the number, the finer the gauge), and is perfect for finishing and smoother surfaces. 42S=42 spiral and is our finest/thinnest needle, great for finishing your art with less prominent holes. Each type includes a reusable needle tube and color coding cap. Use caution. Needle felting needles are very sharp and have barbed ends. Please be careful when using these needles, and always monitor children around them. Please also expect some breakage, especially when felting around armature wire; this is a normal occurrence when needle felting. It is a good idea to keep several needles available during your project, and use a needle felting pad to protect work surfaces and the needles.

Product Features

  • Set of 30 Needle Felting Needles - 10 each of 38 Gauge Spirals (sometimes called Twists),40 Gauge Spirals, and 42 Gauge Spirals
  • Thirty-eight gauge needles are wonderful for most types of needle felting. Use the finer, 40-gauge and 42-gauge needles for finishing.
  • Spirals needles are the newest type and are valued for felting faster and with less prominent holes.
  • The needles are made of sturdy steel by Groz-Beckert, a favorite of fiber artists. They are manufactured in Portugal.
  • Each set of 30 needles includes three reusable storage tubes with color coding, interchangeable caps.

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